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"It takes A Right Resume to grant you an interview for the right job"

A Right Resume Testimonials

Mission Statement: "A Right Resume is committed to help you find your most marketable skills, and then find achievements in your past that prove you have those skills."

The following individuals elected to share their testimonies. Their rebuilt resumes from A Right Resume enable them to establish and diversify their knowledge and skills. Together we have solidified their current foundations in their perspective industries.

A Right Resume Testimonials

"I was out of work for over six months and applied for numerous job openings with no success. So I decided to try out A Right Resume, and it turned out to be the best decision of my career. Within two days of submitting my new resume I was offered the position of a lifetime. I would urge anyone seeking to make themselves appear highly marketable on paper to give A Right Resume a call today!"

-Eugene P.
Electrical Field Engineer

"I thought that I had a great resume, I mean after all it got me my present job today, but after I posted this new and improved resume that "A RIGHT RESUME" prepared for me, I have gotten hits from as far away as Thailand. This is awesome!!!"

-David B.
Electrical Planner

A Right Resume Testimonials

"In my case, I had a resume with a lot of information on it, but I did not have the right information to bring myself or my capabilities out. Once I submitted my resume to A Right Resume, I almost did not recognize myself on paper. I had left out many valuable marketing points about myself, that resulted in me not being on the front end of the job search, for the positions that I applied for in the past. A better way to look at the new resume that A Right Resume has done for me is, it will almost make a dead person think they are still alive."

-Alfred W.
Electrical Field Engineer

"Today's employment market is highly competitive. Over the years, I've been fortunate to have gained valuable work experience and increased valued skills, but unfortunately I wasn't able to obtain a career sustaining opportunity. A Right Resume was instrumental in assisting me with achieving my next level. A Right Resume is sensitive to the demands of the employers, and they have the experience and expertise to highlight your strengths and experiences, in such a way to make you stand out. A Right Resume did for me what I could not do, which was express my skill sets in a format, package, and presentation that helped me attain my dream job. I am extremely thankful for working with A Right Resume. You have nothing to lose, they helped me and they can do the same for you."

-Marvin B.
Project Manager

"A Right Resume got me noticed! I have received many compliments from hiring managers on my well organized resume. It has gotten me interviews in a tight job market. I highly recommend their service."

-Ann S.
Primavera Scheduler

“Ms. Vanessa,
After you rebuilt my resume, I now have the confidence that my career in Quality is looking stronger than ever, thank you for your attention to detail, and professional attitude in your work.”

-Jeff Poore
Q.C. Supervisor
Day & Zimmermann

“I was very pleased with how Vanessa rebuilt my resume. It is professionally done and was done in a timely matter. She completely turned my ‘Not so good at all’ resume into a great resume with her formatting, presentation, and her verbiage. If you are looking for a top notch quality resume, A right Resume is definitely the place you need to go.”

-John K.
QC Engineer

A Right Resume Testimonials

"I was able to find someone to create a resume that was the true ticket to a career. I have always had the experience needed to get a good job but never understood the reason for not landing the career that I deserve. I was told not a problem by the people at A Right Resume and they went to work and within a couple of weeks I received an email that changed my life. I had previously worked overseas for three years and all this time I knew that some way and some where I could make the same money or better here in the United States. I had all the pieces to the puzzle but just could not put it together. After meeting with A Right Resume, I went on vacation, and while on vacation I was able to notify my superiors back in Afghanistan to say I'm not coming back. If you have never worked overseas then you probably won't understand the joy that I have today. I will tell you this, "You don't want to do it." I truly believe the investment spent was well worth the reward. Thank you A Right Resume."

-Randall T.
Electrical Superintendent

“I finally got the job that I can be happy with! Thank you for your part of the success I had yesterday, by accepting my new position!”

-Scott W.
Instrument & Electical Engineer

"A Right Resume enhanced my resume by compiling all my experience, exposure, education and years in the trade, took a magic wand...and the rest was history...In a timely manner. Thanks A Right Resume for a new start."

-Anthony C.
Electrical Superintendent

A Right Resume Testimonials

"As a long term expatriate, I was not sure how to market my operations background, as well as my international skill sets in a manner that would not exclude me from future US domestic opportunities. The staff at A Right Resume reviewed my old resume, asked good questions and then reconstructed my resume in a fashion that highlighted my operations experience on the domestic and international stages. They went on to define my international skill sets as an asset that would allow me to assimilate into virtually any company culture. Thank you to the staff of A Right Resume"

-Jim H.
International & Domestic Operations Professional

"I would like to take the time to thank A Right Resume Team for a job well done. A Right Resume has done an unbelievable job with my resume from expressing me as a person, down to professionally formatting my resume. The Staff at A Right Resume worked very diligently and professionally with me to gather the necessary information to complete my resume. I would recommend A Right Resume to all my friends and co-workers. Remember it takes A Right Resume to grant you an interview for the right job! Thanks again to the A Right Resume Team."

-Myron W
Electrical Field Engineer

"I have always thought I had a good résumé until A Right Résumé did a professional makeover of mine. Then I realized my original résumé was only adequate! The LinkedIn profile was equally impressive! And Vanessa went over and beyond to redo another website profile I had. Money well spent!"

-John B.
Project Safety Manager

“It looks great Vanessa! Thank you so much. I am sure this will greatly increase my chances in a competitive job market. My A Right Resume is the edge I need for success. I look forward to doing more business with you and will try to get you more business from my coworkers.”

-Jonathan H.
Instrument Technician 28 Years