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Q: Why do I need to invest in a resume?
A: As a professional in today's job market recruiters and hiring managers need a resume to consider you for employment. All resumes are entered into a database for a keyword search. In 95% of the cases you are called for an interview based on your key word search results. A lack of key words in your resume will eliminate you from an extended key word search, and employment consideration.

Personal Resume Process

There are NO custom quotes and NO hidden or additional costs

  • Send us your complete contact information and any questions you have to this email address
    • Send your current resume document(s) attached to your email
  • Click here to submit payment through PayPal
  • During the draft process you will have input on the creation of the document
    • An initial consultation email follow-up
    • A draft of your resume will be sent to you via email for your review
    • Corrections and edits will be completed via email from your response
  • Process timeframes are based on: your response time to our questions
    • The build process of your business resume and LinkedIn upload is expected to take up to 21 business days, based on your response to our questions and our current work load
When complete A Right Resume will:
  • Email you the MS Word document and the PDF final documents
  • Complete all items covered in your package selection on Pay Pal at the time of placing your order i.e.:
    • Cover letters
    • LinkedIn Profile

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do I need to update my existing resume?
A: To stay current with your industry, peers and colleagues. To add new job information, training and certifications into your revised resume. You would want the most current layout, design, formatting and verbiage.

Q: Will I have any input in the resume rebuild?
A: Yes, during the draft process you will add/subtract data and dates.

Q: How many pages should a resume be?
A: It varies by length of experience and the industry you are targeting. However, in the Energy Industry typically recruiters and hiring managers like to see ALL of your experience, so it is expected to exceed the general two page resume.

Q: Do you have experience writing transitional or career advancement resumes in all careers?
A: Yes, we have diverse experience, unlimited resources for research, and current resume writing training.

Q: What if I am having trouble with PayPal processing my payment? What other options do I have?
A: Call us and we can process the payment for you.