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"If you don't have an applicant tracking system within your fold expect the penalties to take a toll on your organizations bank roll"

Applicant Tracking System Division

Managing Human Capital

Does your business have an applicant tracking method in place?

  • Businesses are required to use an applicant tracking system, to manage labor pool applicant resumes, as required by the U.S. Department of Labor regulations.
  • Maintaining an effective applicant tracking system can prevent huge fines for non-compliance during labor audits.

Applicant Tracking System Division of A Right Resume

Does your organization have the resources to meet the needs of the system, and avoid penalties for unfair labor practices?

  • Due to the fact that there are a number of different legal requirements that must be met in reporting an applicant properly, a business could certainly be placed in a predicament if careless errors or oversights were to occur.

Do you have the ability to add skills to adapt to new functions in job requirements or recognize and adapt the system to changing needs and objectives?

  • ARR-ATSD will help to ensure that no applicant falls through the cracks, and our outsourcing efforts will provide data to help you benchmark your commitment to a diverse and inclusive workforce.

Has your business considered applicant tracking outsourcing as an option?

  • A Right Resume Applicant Tracking Division features the RESUMate Database for safe and secure storage of all resumes that are administered by our expert staff.
  • In addition, we provide continuous management and retrieval of your business applicants.
  • Combined with Carbonite Online back-up software we guarantee your business labor assets will be protected on our RESUMate Database.
  • You can trust and have confidence in our general liability and reliable service.

Applicant Tracking System Division of A Right Resume

Realizing the value of outsourcing is monumental, even the most sophisticated and carefully deployed technology will not deliver that value automatically.

With ARR-ATSD we provide the database technology and deliver support and resource levels that will save your company thousands of dollars.

Concerns about the support skills and resource levels often lead companies to consider an outsourcing system support.

Whether it's reducing cycle time, increasing quality of hire or any of a host of business needs, the value of outsourcing your ATS system needs, is directly related to its ability to deliver on key objectives.

With ARR-ATSD, there is no implementation processes or fees. The coordination efforts are minimal and no maintenance is necessary for your company.

The outsourcing option is often a question of priority for every company individually.