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A Right Resume

"If you don't have an applicant tracking system within your fold expect the penalties to take a toll on your organizations bank roll"

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A Right Resume Applicant Tracking System

Few businesses have the space to store stacks of candidate resumes and applications. Nobody has the time to spend countless hours reviewing the data or entering it into new software and then hiring someone to manage it. Many candidates are not an appropriate fit for your open positions; their information can be stored as passive candidates in our database. Once they are loaded into our RESUMate Database they can be retrieved at a later date.

  • We provide a professional secure system that allows us to select search criteria such as: job applied for, date range, specific skills or location, and we can immediately provide lists of all your candidates contact information, and their resumes from our database. We can make these available to your business representatives for your critical reporting and assessment needs.
  • We provide the reporting services, the database storage, and Carbonite back-up for the files. The ideals of ARR-ATSD are in line with the best of best expensive software leaders…Where each candidate is treated as a respected individual and sent a thank you for applying at your company.
  • NO implementation processes or fees, NO maintenance is necessary, with minimal coordination efforts from your company.
  • The fiscal year starts the day you sign up: call us for pricing.

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